Party Animals, Enjoy Las Vegas Style Pool Party at High Park Koh Samui

Vegas Style Pool Party

Planning to explore Koh Samui, Thailand in your next vacation trip? OR Are you spending your precious time to enjoy holidays in Koh Samui? Are you missing full day Las Vegas type pool party in Thailand? Don’t worry, there is a place in Samui where you can enjoy the Full day pool party which is slightly different than the night parties. The difference is a lot more water and minimum clothing.

If you love to wear or watch bikinis, showcasing your groovy moves on the dance floor and loud music; you are a suitable person to enjoy every moment of the party. Whether you are young or old, this party is for everyone. Pick out your bikini or bathing suit and get ready to have fun during Vegas-style pool party in Samui.

Vegas Style Full Day Pool Party at High Park:

High Park is a popular tourist spot to spend a full day enjoying 15+ different activities in Koh Samui. YES, it’s true. From pool parties to water slides and wall climbing to zip line; you can enjoy your full day without getting bored. Among all activities, Full Day pool party is gaining more popularity and visitors enjoy a lot.

Please note that the entry for the High Park Pool Party is Free from 12 PM to 8 PM.

Amazing Attraction of a Full Day Vegas Style Party:

Needless to say, world tourists, especially from the USA, know this party in a better way. Las Vegas is a hub for it. But there was no such type of party being held in Koh Samui. Finally, High Park has taken an initiative to arrange a party during day time to double the entertainment of visitors. The main attractions are the people wearing clothing as little as possible, ear-blasting music, dance styles, booze and a lot of water.

To get relaxation after dancing and splashing; bean bags are there to lie down on it and watch others enjoying the party. So, what are you waiting for? High Park is calling you to have fun throughout the day.

Along with Vegas-style Pool Party, High Park arranges a fabulous foam party too. Read More.

Other Attractions of High Park:

Zipline: Explore the adventure park and surrounding landscapes like a bird.

Slide n Fly: Take a slide from 15m tall sliders and plunge into a 4m deep pool after taking a jump of coconut tree height.

Bumping Drift Car: Enjoy drifting car and race with your fellow drivers. Turn your car 180 degree swiftly.

Climbing Walls: Climb the wall to reach the sky. Tracks for men and kids are available with safety equipment.

Free Fall: Take a bungee jump from a certain height at High Park and make it an unforgettable experience.

Spending a whole day at High Park is not a bad idea for the visitors. Spare a one day for such awesome activities while planning to explore Koh Samui.

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