Tornado Water Xtreme Koh Samui

Welcome to ‘Tornado Water Xtreme!’

The lambo roller coaster ride in the ocean!

Speed like a lamborghini, twists like a roller coaster, submerge like a submarine, yes it’s crazy!

Our Tornado Water Xtreme boat is the first and only boat of it’s kind in Thailand!

We guarantee an adventure, adrenaline rush, extreme sports satisfaction, need for speed fulfilment, fun family activities and fun activities for kids. It’s a bucketlist checklist for travellers, for thrill seekers, water sports lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and beach lovers alike! How? Let us explain…

A boat, or is it a supercharged jetski on a boat? Drifting and twisting from 180 to 360 degrees, high speed zipping through the waves, completely submerging into the water, throwing your senses for a completely wild one of a kind ride.

The absolute best adrenaline rush you can experience on the paradise island of Koh Samui Thailand, come witness it for yourself.

A one of a kind customized boat, made of 100% Aluminum and approved by the ISO security standards, and is the 59th custom boat of it’s kind created worldwide.

*Disclaimer: Your hair will fly, you will get wet, your senses will be spiked, you will most likely scream, and yes it’s 100% safe and nobody will get thrown off the boat!


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