8 Popular Things to Do in Thailand – Amazing Attractions and Activities

Things to Do in Thailand

From Northern to the Southern side of Thailand is famous for its amazing attractions and activities. It’s a place full of natural beauties and a number of things to do & experience it. From the lifestyle of Bangkok to beaches of Koh Samui and Pattaya Island to diving at Koh Tao, you can indulge in performing a variety of things and capture memories throughout your life. Needless to say, Thailand is a small part of a paradise for tourists. Here we have list out popular things to do in Thailand that must be in your bucket list while you are planning a trip to Thailand.

Ayutthaya  – An Ancient Place

Ayutthaya Historical Park in Thailand

Within just a couple of hours from Bangkok, there is an ancient Thai architectural place named Ayuthaya. This is a historical place which was ruined hundreds of years ago. But still, it is capable to attract visitors. This can be a good place for photography during your day-trip. Don’t miss to explore this place; you will get aware of the ancient Thai culture.

Island Hopping on the Southern Islands

The beaches on the southern side of Thailand are infamous for its beauty, ambiance and surroundings in the world. The jagged cliffs, turquoise sea waters, amazing landscaping and tropical greenery are quite enough to make anyone fall in love with these beaches. Chaweng beach is famous for its white sand seashore and mostly crowded by the visitors. Go for Island hop and explore as much as beaches you can.

High Park Koh Samui

High Park Samui Full Day Attraction in Chaweng

Koh Samui is a paradise island in Thailand with giant coral areas and lots of beaches. High Park is located near Chaweng beach and a perfect place to get entertainment throughout the day. The attractions of High Park Koh Samui are pool parties, Foam Parties, 15 Meter High Water Slides, Yoga classes, massage treatments, Buggy Cars, Free Fall Bungy, Restobar, Zipline, 12 Meter Climbing Wall, infinity pool, sunset point, restaurant and bar. Contact us for Booking.

Have Fun at Half Moon and Full Moon Party till Morning

Full Moon Party and Half Moon Parties in Thailand

Needless to say, Thailand is a great place for party animals. What if you are allowed to party hard till morning? The jackpot for you, right? Two types of parties are held in Thailand at a specific date and these parties are called as Full Moon Party and Half Moon Parties. The origin of these parties is Koh Phangan but now High Park Koh Samui also arranges such parties in its premises. On a party night, all the clubs and bars are set with drinks, DJ’s with awesome music and visitors filled with full of excitement to get wild & dance on music till morning.

Learn & Take a Dive at Koh Tao

Koh Tao is a beautiful place in Thailand famous for diving. Are you a scuba driver, you must visit Koh Tao to explore marine life. There are several training institutes that offer affordable Scuba training to visitors in a short time. You will be surprised that the dive sites are nearer from the land. Along with the scuba, nightlife & natural beauty attract foreigners.

Have Fun with Outdoor Activity at Chiang Mai

On the northern side of Thailand, Chiang Mai is a perfect city to have fun playing outdoor activities. The outdoor fun activities are riding elephants, taking a trek, watch a snake show, visiting a hill tribe, zip-line and more. Need anything else to spend a whole day at Chiang Mai. The main reason behind such awesome activities are being performed by visitors is the environment of Chiang Mai. The environment is blessed with fresh air, less humid and calm in contrast to Bangkok.

Pamper a Tiger Like a Pet in Kanchanaburi

Tiger Temple Kanchanaburi

Do you know that there is a tiger temple in Kanchanaburi? Yes, you are reading right. Tigers lie on the way to temple and you can pamper it like a pet. They do not harm tourists. In 1999, a tiger came to the temple and since then residing monks are now taking care of tigers and conserving them in the area. The entrance fee is 600 THB; it’s much but worth to spend time with a tiger is an awesome experience.

Be a Part of Songkran Festival

Water Festival Songkran Thailand

Songkran Festival is one of the most prominent and widely celebrated festivals in Thailand. Every year from April 13 to 15, people of Thailand celebrate Songkran festival also known as the water festival. Entire Thailand enjoys the water fight throughout the day without any restriction. Do you love water fights? You should take part in the Songkran Festival.

Hope you will add these attractions and activities in your bucket list while planning to explore Thailand. Enjoy your holidays, have fun and capture the memorable memories of your trip.

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