Slip and Fly Water Park in Koh Samui – A Preferred Place to Fight With Your Fear & Beat Brutally

Slip and Fly Water Park in Koh Samui

Who doesn’t like to have fun with water when it’s a summer? Everyone is ready to play with water and keep the body wet throughout the day. What’s the best way to spend a day in a summer season? Yes, your guessing is right. Spending the day in a water park is an ideal solution to beat the heat and enjoy the water rides as much as you can.

When you are in Thailand and you haven’t visited the High Park located in Koh Samui; you have already missed the water adventure. High Park is an ideal place for the visitors to play with water and take adventure rides throughout the day. Among the other water park activities; slide and fly water slides are the main attraction and very much popular in Koh Samui.

Fight with Fear and Beat Brutally:

In the slip and Fly water adventure activity; a slider takes a slide from a 15m high and 31-meter long slider elevated at 45-degree angle at a speed of 40-45 km/hr and plunge into a 4m deep pool after taking a jump (a coconut tree height). Isn’t that adventurous? Taking a slide means you will beat two fears one is height and second is speed. Within a day; both will be removed within a day and a tight slap on those faces who bullied you for the height fear. Don’t worry about your safety; lifeguards are always there to help you whenever you need.

Facilities at High Park, Koh Samui:

  • Two Slide and Fly Sliders
  • 2 pools: plunge pool and infinity pool
  • Bars and Restaurant
  • Arrangement Full Day Pool Party and Foam party
  • Famous DJs of Thailand
  • Awesome scenery and Sunset Point
  • Locker Rooms & Changing Rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi in Water Park Premises
  • Free Parking
  • Taxi Services
  • English Management

What Else you need to spend a quality day in Thailand? High Park has all a water lover needs. Make a day to remember for your whole life and fight with fear at High Park Koh Samui.

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