Explore Koh Samui with Kids: Top 5 Things to Do with Children in Thailand

Things to Do with Children Thailand

Koh Samui offers plenty of ways for a family to have fun with kids like viewing stunning landscapes, amazing things to do and learning about the new culture. For the last decades, the government of Koh Samui has developed the whole islands considering the tourists in mind. Today, Koh Samui has numbers of accommodation facilities, English speaking guides, mixed cuisine restaurants, easy transportation and much more that are enough to attract visitors.

Try the fun and adventurous activities listed below when visiting Koh Samui with your kids and create so many lifetime happy memories.

Have Fun at Ang Thong Marine National Park:

The Angthong National Park is a great place for the tourists who love to play with water and who else love the water more than kids? To learn snorkeling and kayaking; there is no second place in the Gulf of Thailand. Let your kids explore the marine world and of course, you too. Hiking a small mountain with the help of rope with 10-year-old son can help you create some memorable moments. The spectacular views from the top are the reward for your effort to climb the mountain.

Remember: The national park is closed in November & first 2-3 weeks of December. So, confirm with the travel agency before planning to explore the marine park.

High Park Koh Samui:

Pool Parties Koh samui

Traveling from one place to another place is not a lovable thing for the tourists. Planning to spend a whole day at a place without getting bored; High Park is a go-to choice for you. Located in Chaweng, High park is a place for all Whether you are a kid or adult; you will have plenty of activities to do.

The main attractions are Slide n’ Fly water slides 15 m in height and 31m in length, infinity pool, full-day pool & foam parties, wall climbing, zip line, buggy car, free fall and more. You can take participate in any of the above activities with your kids. Along with these, you can take rest by lying on the bean bags near the infinity pool, watch a stunning sunset, enjoy delicious dinner at the signature restaurant.

In nutshell, High Park Koh Samui is a dream place for a family to have fun with plenty of activities. You must include the place in your bucket list.

Island Hopping:

Koh Samui is well-known for its plethora of beautiful beaches & islands. The coastline of Koh Samui and nearby islands offer plenty of opportunities for kids to have fun, build a castle from white sand together, beach volleyball, perform kayaking in clear water, fly a kite, collect shells and much more. Older kids can learn water sports activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, etc.

Few beaches don’t have lifeguards so keep your close eyes on them when exploring the beaches. Or you can get relaxation at resorts near the beaches. Many busier beaches offer parasols on rent; this will help your kids to stay away from the blazing sunshine.

Be a parent, it’s necessary to find child-friendly beaches to avoid problems that may arise. Don’t worry, we understand your concerns and so, here are the popular child-friendly beach in Koh Samui is Choeng Mon. Don’t miss to explore this place; your kids will not forget the amazing place.

Hike to a Namuang Waterfall:

Namuang Waterfall is one of the most pleasant and worth to watch natural waterfalls in Koh Samui. Numbers of taxi or scooter are available for transportation. However, you need to walk 10-15 minutes in a narrow & humid jungle to reach the waterfall; you can consider this in a family adventure. Don’t worry, it’s not that tough; even a four-year-old kid can walk in the Jungle. Don’t forget to wear sports shoes and mosquito repellant, though.

Let Your Kids Learn the Buddhist Culture:

Big Buddha, the biggest sculpture situated in Koh Samui defines the culture of people living there. There are plenty of small temples worth to visit. Let your kids learn about the culture and what to wear while visiting a Thai temple. Morning time is the best for visiting temples. Take part in the rituals and let your kids do the same.

Planning to visit Koh Samui with your family or kids; you should add the above places and activities in your bucket list. So, you will not miss a single. Get your tickets to High Park Koh Samui online & enjoy the whole day without any hassles. Have fun and spend quality holiday time with your kids.

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