7 Spectacular Sights and Amazing Activities to Experience in Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui Sightseeing Tips

Koh Samui is now becoming a popular place in Thailand among the nature lovers and avid water sports lovers. Before around 2 decades, Koh Samui was an underdeveloped province of the Gulf of Island but within these 20 years; Koh Samui is listed in the top 5 travelers spot in Thailand. A large crowd of tourists takes a flight to Koh Samui to explore the natural sceneries and underwater activities. Nightlife is also getting popularity as one can get precious items at lower rates.

Koh Samui Sightseeing Tips

Want to explore the beauty of Koh Samui and perform adventurous activities? Do you want to spend quality time on beaches, underrated places and waterfalls? Yeah, you have got the right post. Here we have listed Things To Do in Koh Samui including the spectacular sights and adventurous activities that you must perform to make your vacation time memorable throughout your life. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Beautiful Beaches and White Sand:

Koh samui Beautiful Beaches and White Sand

Who doesn’t like to explore beaches especially when you are on a vacation mode? The coastline of Koh Samui is covered with the beautiful beaches and also the main attraction as well. Some of the beaches are vibrant while others are quiet and calm where you can get peace and spend a romantic time with your soul mate. The popular and crowded (during high season) beaches are Lamai and Chaweng Beach. For the calm atmosphere, Maenam or Bophut beach would be recommended. Need to spend some quality time with someone special; you will find a few lonely beaches like Bang Por Beach. In short, every type of beaches is there to enjoy your day.

Chaweng Night Market:

Chaweng Night Market

Do you love shopping? Have you ever done shopping late at night? Chaweng Night Market is a right spot for you to get some products at a reasonable rate. On every evening, the night market is held right next to a Chaweng Lake, especially for the tourists. Along with shopping; you can enjoy delicious Thai food at an inexpensive rate while roaming around the shopping market.

Various Viewpoints of Koh Samui:

Various Viewpoints of Koh Samui

Koh Samui isn’t just famous for its beaches and underwater activities. Koh Samui has plenty of viewpoints that will amaze your eyes. Some of the famous viewpoints of Koh Samui are Wat Rattanakosin and Khao Hua Jook Pagoda. High Park Koh Samui is also a preferred point to view the natural sceneries from the top and take pictures which can help you get maximum likes on social media sites. Have a look at some of the pictures taken at High Park. Few other places to see greenery, mountains, etc. are Samui Viewpoint, Lamai Viewpoint and Valentine Stone – a beautiful view.

Tarnim Magic Garden:

Tarnim Magic Garden Koh Samui

Tarnim Magic Garden or Secret Buddha Garden is located on a Khun Mim Peak hill in Koh Samui and you will see so many statues of Buddha when you reach there. Along with the statues; you can explore legendary creatures, birds and snakes. Mostly, tourists visit this place in a group and hire a jeep to reach there. You have to pay 80 baht as an entrance fee which is utilized to maintain this beautiful place. This amount is worth to visit a special place that you haven’t seen before.

Wonderful Waterfalls:

Wonderful Waterfalls Koh samui

Watching the water falling from the top and flowing like a stream is always a great experience. Koh Samui is one of the best places to explore some popular waterfalls like Namuang Waterfall and Namuang Waterfall 2 where you can swim as well because the water is fresh and clean. Please don’t get yourself hurt while swimming because there’re some rocks under the water. Hin Lad Waterfall near Nathon town and Wanorm Waterfall near Lipa Noi are famous and available with the guided tour.

Partying on Koh Samui:

Partying on Koh Samui

Thailand is the most popular for nightlife and so, Koh Samui is also getting popularity for the last couple of years. There are several beaches, clubs, bars and resorts where you can enjoy the nightlife with your gang. You can find plenty of bars and clubs at Chaweng Beach. Live DJs, unlimited drinks, blasting music and everything a party animal needs are available at bars and resorts. Soi Reggae and Soi Green Mango are two famous areas where you can take participate in hard rock party and shake your waist on international music. Of course, these are late night parties; you can enjoy till 3:00 AM mostly. If you want to enjoy a full night party then Soundclub is a right place. High Park Koh Samui is also a famous spot for night parties, Full moon festival and half moon festival as well.

Get Your Body a Thai Massage:

Thai Massage Koh Samui

If you are anywhere in Thailand; you must get your body a Thai massage. There is no doubt that Thai Massage is popular all over the world and you have ever seen or heard a Thai Massage parlor in your city. Generally, the rate of Thai Massage in Thailand is lower than in your country; the rates in the country start from 200 baht but vary from parlor to parlor. You will get highly trained and professional masseuses to get your body relaxed in spas especially in Chaweng.

Looking for a nice and comfortable accommodation for your next vacation trip to Koh Samui? High Park can be a right place where all your accommodation requirements will be fulfilled. We are always happy to answer your queries regarding your next Koh Samui trip.

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