The infinity pool with panoramic views of High Park Koh Samui – Have You Visited Before?

infinity pool with panoramic views of High Park Samui

When we plan a vacation; we either opt for an adventurous place or natural place as per our choice. But something either one is not enough to spend a vacation. To solve your problem of choosing any of one; there is a place where you can take benefits of both adventure sports and natural scenery. High Park, Koh Samui is the perfect place to spend 8 hours like a fraction of time.

High Park is famous for its adventurous “Slip and Fly” water slides and also panoramic views.

Beautiful view from infinity pool:

Infinity Pool & Panoramic Views of Chewang:

Among two pool at High Park, Infinity pool is an ideal place for getting relaxed after taking participants in extreme water slides activities and hardcore pool & foam parties. What can you do there? You can sit on the edge of a pool with your beloved one, waving your legs into the water together and drink your favorite cocktail or beer and spend hours watching the beauty of Chaweng and surrounding panoramic views. Lounge chairs and bean bags are placed around the pool for your comfort. From that location, you can see that Sun unwind under the gazebo.

Famous DJs of Koh Samui, Thailand play International songs all day on the state-of-the-art equipment. Relax with your favorite drink & experience the sunset over Koh Samui. Moreover, Infinity Pool is a perfect place for the selfie lovers and do photography of natural scenery.

Whatever you want to do as a traveler; High Park, Koh Samui has all. So, visit the place when you are on the vacation mood in Thailand. The doors are opened for you from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM daily.

For tickets and other booking information; email us at [email protected]  or Visit Book Now.

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