Matt H from UK Shares His Experience on Visiting High Park, Koh Samui on Christmas Eve

High Park, Koh Samui on Christmas

Recently, a visitor came to High Park, Koh Samui with his two teenage kids to have fun and enjoy throughout the day. His name is Matt H and resident of Andover, United Kingdom. After seeing his profile on Trip Advisor, he loves to travel and always shares his experience visiting new places. So, he shared the experience of exploring High Park, Koh Samui. Here below is his experience (word by word) on visiting High Park.

Matt H Review on High Park Koh Samui

Guys I’m only giving this venue as a 3/5 based on the pain I’m now going through!! To put you in the picture I’m 45 years of age with teenage kids, I’m the wrong side of 15 stone and not the most athletic!!
I obviously wanted to impress my kids so when offered free entry (and I mean absolutely FREE entry!!) I declined as you only pay if you want to use the slide!!
The infinity pool is amazing with fantastic views over Chaweng, this is all free along with the lovely seating, pool table and top Quality DJ. The Chang beer is 79baht a bottle which is cheaper than any bar I’ve found and only beaten by a local supermarket!! But no!!
Like the idiot that I am I chose to pay the 650baht entry, which ordinarily is good value, you get given a festival style wrist band which if you keep on you can visit the park as much as you like! (Mine very quickly was removed!) I entered the park and was immediately taken aback by the size of the blooming slide, I’m not sure of exact measurement but I’m guessing around 40-50 metres, the mistake I made was getting there when it opened for the day, I didn’t see anyone else having a go first. So being the cool Dad and Uncle that I thought I was I encouraged the boys to join me on the trek up the stairs, my 16 year old nephew went first and being the young, agile, adrenaline junky that he is slid down, took off and landed beautifully, my 13 year old son said Dad please go first, so being the hero that I am I immediately stepped up to the plate, kind of done me a favour as I didn’t have time to change my mind! Although in hindsight that would have been a whole lot better!!
So up I step……. the “safety” guy gives me a crash course which pretty much encompasses going down head first and hoping and praying for the best! Off I went, the fastest I’ve ever travelled in my life and I’m including the flight to Samui!! I absolutely flew down the thing!! On being what I can only describe as “ejected” into the air I took flight!!!!! This is where it started to go a bit bandy, my limbs took a life of their own, flailing in all directions before spinning me into what felt like orbit, the landing pool seemed to be getting further and further away from me before I stopped mid air, like roadrunner running off a cliff I made the mistake of looking down, I felt I was about 100 meters in the air and I had absolutely no control of my body, I have a new found respect for Tom Daley and his mates! I then started hurtling towards the water knowing it was going to be painful! My body then went into an uncontrollable tumble like some ill fated space mission before crashing into the water on my back!! Much to my embarrassment I was then chucked a life ring which I had no choice but to grab, I was then unceremoniously hauled to the edge of the pool in front of my two kids, niece, nephew, wife, mother in law, sister in law and brother in law not to mention the dozen or so other people that were being amused my stupidness!!!
My backside cheek is now black with bruising, my ego is dented beyond economical repair and what was left of my street cred with my kids is out of the window!!
So putting it simply if you’re over 45 years old, touching 16 stone and you’re attempting to impress your kids…..DON’T!!! As I mentioned though, if you don’t fit my criteria this is an amazing place with a really good vibe, the food is really good at reasonable prices,the beer and other drinks are very reasonable and the staff are excellent and really friendly so it’s well worth the trip!!
Thanks guys at High Park, I’m in agony but I loved it! Can’t imagine having this much fun on Christmas Eve again 🙂

So, here is what he thought about High Park Koh Samui. We feel sorry for what you are going through right now. Hope you will recover soon fully. We thank you for your clean and clear explanation of various aspects of the High Park.

So, are you ready to fly in the air and fight with your fear? Excited to shake your body on blasting music played by top DJs at full day pool and foam parties? Want to drink chilled beer and enjoy a delicious food at a signature restaurant? Want to get relax at Infinity pool? Come to High Park, Koh Samui. We are eagerly waiting for your presence.

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