High-Profile Half Moon Party at Koh Samui – High Park Samui

Half Moon Party at Koh Samui

About the Thailand Half Moon Party

The Half Moon Party are also known as Half Moon Festival and is nothing but an outdoor rave event at the Koh Samui, Thailand held on 1 week before & 1 week after a full moon. The local DJs spin the lovely music, trance and make the atmosphere lively during the whole event.


There are mainly half moon parties (festival) happens every 2 weeks: 1 week before and 1 week after the Full Moon Party. The organizers can also focus on delivering quality sound and providing a more secure environment for the participants.

Guests around the world become the witness of this party two times in a month and experience the whole event held at Koh Samui. It’s one-in-a-lifetime enjoyment for the participants and never forgettable moments for the guests. The festival begins at 8 o’clock at night and runs until sunrise. DJs play the various styles of music during the whole night and participants dance all the time like no one even see their sorrows.

Are you in Thailand or want to plan a trip to Thailand in next month? A big party is waiting for you. Be a witness of half moon party arranged on 8th May 2018 and dance all the night.

So, refresh your mind and enjoy the whole night!!!

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