Look at Slide N’ Fly while at the Full Moon Party At High Park Ko Samui


Koh Samui Full Moon Party Music Festivals & Parties

Who doesn’t wish to explore Thailand and spend a vacation viewing natural beauty + nightlife? Needless to say, Ko Samui is one of the finest and must visit places of Thailand just because of its adventure activities, parties, natural views and much more. Among the several popular places in Koh Samui, High Park is something different than others and provides full of enjoyment with several activities that you haven’t done before.

High Park is a perfect blend of extreme adventure and relaxation. Yes, it’s true. One can enjoy multiple water sports activities, entertaining parties and feel relaxed at a resort or at the infinity pool. Among these widely-known activities; we will discuss two events which are gaining much more positive feedbacks.

Slide N Fly Water Sports:

Are you an avid water park lover? This is must activity for you. In this event, you can slide with the speed of around 45 Km/h from the height of 15 meters and travel the distance 45 meters. How amazing, isn’t it? Wait, the surprise is here. You will not directly plunge into a pool. You have to take a jump off a height of a coconut tree first and then plunge into a 4m deep pool. This is what we called an adventure activity. A rescue and support team is there to help you at every time. So, don’t worry about your safety and till date, not a single incident happened.

Caribbean Pool Party and Music Party:

When anyone heard the Caribbean party, the very first thing strike in mind is their way of celebrating with joy. Caribbean parties are always entertaining and energetic. High Park is always eager to do something unique and entertaining that leaves the good impression on visitors’ mind. On every Saturday, the Caribbean pool party is held at High Park in between 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM where you can dance on the music beats played by the famous DJs of Koh Samui. No restrictions except the time limit, dance the way you want, drink your favorite cocktail or beers and enjoy every single moment with your friends.

High Park, Koh Samui offers a free drink card out for the visitors who come before 2:00 PM for the Caribbean pool party. The representative of the party can come to your town and hand one card personally if you are interested to join the party. The next party is going to be held on August 11 at High Park, Koh Samui.

Full Moon Festival Thialand:

One of the most popular events for the tourists in Thailand is Full moon party and most of us love to call it “Full Moon Festival”. Travelers around the world come together and celebrate the whole night dancing on music beats played by famous DJs. It comes once a month and starts in the afternoon and close at the next morning means you can enjoy the half day and the entire night party on the beach. High Park is famous for arranging a full moon party where blasting music, neon body paint, various types of cocktails & beers, dancing are a few of the main elements.

So, get ready for the extreme water activities and entertaining Caribbean pool parties at only one place, High Park Koh Samui.

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