Have Fun with Top 5 Crazy & Adventurous Things to Do in Koh Samui

Crazy & Adventurous Things to Do in Koh Samui

Koh Samui is one of the best tropical islands in the Gulf of Thailand with numerous natural beauties. Koh Samui is a paradise for a couple to spend a vacation in Thailand. Everything is here to have fun for weeks including crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, man-made aquapark, waterfalls, stunning viewpoints and much more. Various fun things to do in Koh Samui will let you with awesome memories.

Snookah Dive – Explore Marine Life the way you want

Snookah Dive in Koh Samui

Do you know that plenty of famous diving points in the Gulf of Thailand? With its calm, clear and calm waters, Sea of Koh Samui has become the most popular place for the tourists to explore the underwater world. Snookah Diving is the most unique way to have fun under the water with your beloved one. Yes, you don’t need any type of diving certificate to enjoy this fun activity. An instructor is also there with you to help to explore the marine world at a nominal charge. Today, Snookah Diving is quite popular than the traditional Scuba diving.

Bungy Jump – A perfect outdoor activity in Samui

Bungy Jump in Koh Samui

Needless to say, Koh Samui is a tropical paradise with the bunch of natural sceneries and fun activities to do. Even though; Bungy jump has got highlights and becoming popular among the tourists around the world. From the top, you can see stunning viewpoints, natural scenery, and blue sky; doesn’t it a perfect time to take the first jump? Till date, more than 40,000 tourists have taken the jump from the height of 50 meters without a single incident. So, what are you waiting for; go & experience the thrill!

Slide n Fly Fight with Your Fears:


You have ever taken a slide in a water park but have you ever take a jump (a height of a coconut tree) after sliding? No, High Park Koh Samui is a perfect destination to try it once in a lifetime and fight with your fears. Once you do it; a fear will no longer bother you in your future. Today, it’s considered as one of the biggest and craziest slide in the Gulf of Thailand. The slide is 31 meter in length, 15 meter in height, allows you to slide with around 30 km/h and then plunge you into a 4m deep pool. A slider flies in the air above 7 to 10 meter before landing in the pool. Doesn’t it an adventurous thing to do in Koh Samui?

Not ready to fly in the air; no worry. There is another slide with the same height and length that directly plunge you into the pool. Lifeguards are there to help you at every stage.

Night Time Paddleboarding

Night Time Paddleboarding in Koh Samui

Have you ever heard this activity? Come to Koh Samui; you can even enjoy doing this activity. The paddleboard Koh Samui offers a night trip on a hybrid kayak/paddleboard combinations equipped with the LED lights that allow you to enjoy an amazing private viewing of some of the best island’s night beach life. Anyone above 10 can try their hands on the night time paddleboarding. This is an alternate option to night parties on the beach.

Bar Ice – Enjoy the Drinks with Beloved Ones

Bar Ice in Koh Samui

The most authentic ice bar – Bar Ice Koh Samui is constructed by ice (including seating, glass, wall, bar, etc.) and the temperature is minus 7-degree. It’s also home to a few awesome ice sculptures. Even if you don’t drink (I don’t think so); you should visit once to explore the beauty of Ice bar. The prices for the drinks are reasonable and variety of drinks available there to wet your throat. Located in Chaweng, the Bar Ice is a perfect place to have drinks with beloved one in a unique way.

So, which one activity; you would love to try first. That’s sure; you will do all the activities listed above while you are spending your vacation in Koh Samui. Add these 5 activities in your Things to do in Koh Samui bucket list right now.

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