4 Fantastic Things to Do in Koh Samui to Level up Your Enjoyment During Holidays

4 Fantastic Things to Do in Koh Samui

Koh Samui doesn’t need introduction nowadays. Tourists have been putting a finger on Koh Samui to spend a valuable vacation with family or beloved one for the last couple of years. The main reason to choose Koh Samui is its natural beauty and manmade beach bar and water parks. When you reach Koh Samui; you will feel something awesome that you haven’t experienced before. The environment and surroundings are quite awesome that make you fall in love with natural attractions. In short, Koh Samui is a perfect combination of natural scenery, beach parties and adventure activities.

Here below are 4 fantastic things to do in Koh Samui to level up your enjoyment. Let’s have a look.

Beach Party, Koh Samui:

Beach Party, Koh Samui:

Who doesn’t want to attend the beach party and dance on the floor with groovy moves? Everyone likes it. If you are vacationing in Koh Samui; don’t miss to enjoy beach parties. There is plenty of beach bar when you reach Chaweng beach where you can drink your favorite beer, wine, cocktail, etc and dance on the blasting music. No matter how much you are tired; when you start drinking and dancing, you will forget everything and feel relaxed.

Foam Pool Party, Koh Samui:

A foam party is now becoming an iconic one for the youngsters who love to play with foam and enjoy the best moment of their life. The main features of a foam pool party, Koh Samui are: Attractive lighting, blasting music, dancers, floats, high volume sound systems, cabanas, etc. Where to enjoy Foam Pool Party? High Park, Koh Samui is a great place to have fun with a foam pool party in Koh Samui on every SUNDAY in between 12 PM to 8 PM. So, schedule your time according to foam pool party timetable to not to miss this wild party. Come to High Park, get wet and wild at an iconic party.

Gecko Bar, Koh Samui:

Gecko Bar, Koh Samui:

Have you ever heard “Gecko Bar”? I think NO. Gecko Bar is a specialty of Koh Samui Island and offering a variety of foods including traditional Thai & western food choices like fish, chips, etc. The lighter bites including spring rolls, chicken wings are also there to fill up your stomach and fuel your energy. Of course, drinks are there. The Gecko bar has several bar tools & cozy beanbags where you can feel relaxed and take drinks with your gang. It’s a perfect place for young tourists to have fun with friends without worrying about the world.

High Park – A Beach Water Park in Koh Samui

Beach Water Park in Koh Samui

High Park is famous for its adventurous water park activities and pool parties. High Park has everything a beach water park should have including the longest water slide called Slide and Fly, Infinity Pool, Full day Pool parties, Famous DJs, signature restaurant, beach bar, cozy beanbags, amazing views, a perfect photography location, selfie point and much more. What else you need to spend 8 hours to have fun?

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Once you explore Koh Samui Island, you will realize that it’s more of beaches and night parties. Whether you come with your beloved one or friends or family members; Koh Samui will never disappoint you in terms of entertainment, natural scenery and adventurous water activities. Explore the tropical paradise of the Gulf of Thailand and get some unforgettable memories of your life.

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